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Our Design Services

This is probably the most asked question - 'What do you charge for your designs and services' 

Well this can only be answered once we have a better understanding of your project, but hopefully the two links below will answer this for you!

With every project comes a Concept, a Design and more than likely, some Planning and Co-Ordination.

Here at HDi we try to cover all of these bases for our client,s but ultimately it comes down to what the client would like, based on their needs, and we will then guide them to the best solution.

Firstly you need to see how we build our designs and this will then allow you have a better understanding of why we charge the way we do.

We start with building a scaled 3D model of the space, which allows us all to view, modify and render out all different views.  Building in a scaled 3D environment allows us to pick up on any mistakes you normally don't find from a 2D plan or even artist renderings.

Having a virtual space you can move around in, through a 360 degree view, will pick up on all elements that don't work, thus allowing you to adjust them now, saving a lot of time with fixing these issues later, along with additional variation costs later down the line, which will only increase your budget.

Click on the images to see what one our typical 3D model would look like .


Click on the images to view what our typical Artist Renderings would be like from this 3D model, along with the 360 Panoramic views.

Meydan_17 - Photo.jpg

Once a Concept and Design has been approved using the 3D model, we move on to Planning and Co-Ordination,  creating the textures and finishes that we are going to use for the walls, floors, lights, window dressings and furniture. From this, we can create a 'shopping list' of materials and finishes, offering an accurate Bill of Quantities for your quotation.  

Our Fees

Our fees are based on two factors, one is the size of the project and two, the amount of rooms and spaces we have to consider in our designs.

Usually we would base our services on the build cost estimation of the projects - usually a 5% fee is used as a guide price, but sometimes this doesn't take into account that it may only be 2 rooms that need designing, so to be transparent in our costs, we would only charge per room, based on their sizes. 

We hope to be flexible with in our services and fees we offer, so feel free to call to discuss your next project.

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